Film and Negative Scanners

Choosing the best film and negative scanner.

Many flatbed scanners are capable of scanning film using a transparent media adaptor but most of the cheaper ones tend to produce such poor results that we really can't classify them as film scanners. When scanning 35mm slides, 120 (medium format) and 5x4 film, it's important to look beyond the resolution. At the same resolution, two scanners may deliver vastly different results. If you are trying to scan 35mm negatives, bear in mind that it's the most difficult task for a scanner.

Scanning colour negatives is also likely to take longer than scanning slides. The qualitative aspects are essential to obtain good results. They include the scanner's mechanical precision, optical quality, optical path (e.g. glass free or not), number of mirrors, dynamic range, colour calibration, software and last but not least: auto-focus. Bear in mind that published specifications are often very misleading, especially when it comes to dynamic range and resolution.

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