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Fujitsu fi document management scanner series success story now reaches milestone as sales surpass four million units.

The Fujitsu document scanner business is celebrating yet another milestone in its success story: worldwide fi Series scanner sales have now exceeded the four million unit mark, making the fi Series product line the best selling professional document scanner range of all time. The Fujitsu document scanner is trusted by consumers as being performance-focused, and a reliable solution for professional users. The Fujitsu fi document scanner series offers a wide product range from workgroup to production environment to cover all business needs for high performance.

Fujitsu fi document scanners series

"The fi Series delivers reliable solutions for document capturing with best real-world performance to meet customer expectations", said Mike Nelson, Vice President at PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd. "Our scanners deliver high imaging quality for our customers to digitise data and share important documents throughout their organisation. We’d like to thank our loyal customers around the world for continuing to trust our fi Series of scanners and we are committed to further develop the range according to meet the needs of our clients and the markets they are operating in."

Since the first introduction of the fi Series with the fi-4750C scanner, the Fujitsu subsidiary PFU has worked to extend and enhance the product line, designed for professional desktop applications, workgroups and production environments. The fi Series is designed and developed for decentralised document image capture and applications that require high-quality scans and the workgroup/departmental scanners provide comprehensive functionality and superior performance for the desktop and workgroup scanning environment.

Aimed at professional users who need highly reliable solutions with real-world performance, the premium scanners deliver the right combination of speed and convenience for the ultimate in production level scanning. All fi Series document scanners are equipped with Fujitsu’s latest PaperStream software: The driver and image enhancement software PaperStream IP and the batch scanning software PaperStream Capture work seamlessly together to improve productivity of the fi Series professional scanners.

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