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Stop Wasting Your Time Searching for Paper! Digitally Manage Your Documents!

  • How much are storing costs either in filing cabinets or boxes in cupboards in archive storage costing your business? How much time is it costing your business for employees to find the documentation they are looking for in your current storage systems? These hidden cost can add up and there is a cost effective alternative. A dedicated document scanner to scan items to mapped folders instead of storing tens of thousands of sheets of papers.


  • How much time do your employees spend looking for information which is not readily available at their fingertips? Searching through filing cabinets and archive boxes. Think of the savings in employee productivity, if information is scanned to easily accessible folders. It can take an average employee from ten minutes or maybe hours, depending on what they are looking for to complete the task at hand. Even then, they can’t be assured that they have found all of the information required to accurately complete their task. Valuable time can be wasted under traditional archiving systems. The scanning of information would be quick and efficient because these days many scanners can scan a multitude of different sized documents in one go. Thus, scanning invoices and small receipts together.


  • In today’s economic climate, staff come and go. In many cases each time a staff member leaves, their accumulated knowledge walks out the door with them. Company growth can be restricted due to knowledge coming and going. Often it is hard to easily transfer skill sets if the knowledge isn’t readily available such as scanned updated procedures.


  • If you cannot answer a client’s enquiry immediately, the cost is staggering! Think of your own experiences, if you have asked for some information and the turnaround time for a good, helpful response is not forthcoming, what have you done? Gone elsewhere? Many clients are lost due to poor response times to their requests.


  • Lost documents can be costly to recover, but a scanned copy is always available.


  • If there is no complete back up of a paper-based system, and the building burns down and you cannot recover all of your data within a month, potentially you could be out of business. Are you prepared for such a disaster?


  • There is generally no security for documents within an office, they are usually in an unlocked filing cabinet and the staff are simply trusted to do the right thing while you are out to lunch. Sensitive information can be scanned to secure locations/folders and kept private and safe.


  • Even with widespread computer usage, most documentation remains paper based. The average useable life-span of a document is only 30 to 90 days. Often after that they are never retrieved or utilized. Office space is at a premium and the more files you have the more space required which leaves less space for additional staff members as the business grows leading to higher rent for storage space.


  • Think of how much storage space is required for each staff member for every year they are employed with you. Some have suggested that an average business creates a 4-draw cabinet per staff member per year. Think of the savings achievable with a scanning storage solution.


  • If your filing system is paper based and part stored within a Windows Explorer folder system then it can be very hard to bring your intellectual property together to make accurate business decisions.


  • Scanning of documents is more reliable too. Receipts and most invoices, these days are often printed on thermal paper which fades after six months. If the Tax Office come asking for a copy of a receipt or invoice the original may be blank! A scanned copy would save the day.


  • Below are some of the costs associated with paper storage:
Item Cost Floor Space M2 Capacity(Pages)
2 Drawer Filing Cabinet with hangers, folders, labels $250 0.250 5,000
Sliding Track Shelves, folders, colour coded labels $60,000 20.000 5,000,000
2TB Hard drive $150 0.002 200,000,000


A dedicated document scanner can reduce storage space required for housing archived documents, which will mean less money spent on paper and rental, as less space will be required if documents are no longer physically held in the office.

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